3 kids found living in ‘deplorable’ conditions in Hawkins County

Hawkins County child neglect
Archie Ramsey (L) and his wife Jessica Ramsey (R)

CHURCH HILL, Tenn. (WJHL) – Church Hill’s police chief said it is one of the worst child neglect cases he has ever seen.

From the smell of the motel room, to decomposing food and a broken toilet, Chief Mark Johnson said the conditions were not livable for any child.

A Church Hill police officer responded Tuesday to the Church Hill Inn after someone called about three kids ages two, four and six years old alone in a motel room.

Among other charges, the children’s parents Archie Ramsey and Jessica Ramsey are now charged with three counts of child neglect.

According to the police report, the 6-year-old told police her parents sometimes leave the room, leaving her to take care of her two younger siblings.

She also told police she sometimes has to sleep on the floor, that she said is wet from urine from her younger siblings.

Police say Archie Ramsey, the father of the three kids, was in room 207 Tuesday. He told police he and his wife Jessica Ramsey lived in room 205 where the kids were but rented another room for the night to have some “alone time” because room 205 was too dirty for them.

Police said the family has lived there for about three months, and when they arrived the stench of garbage and rotting food filled the room.

“The commode had no water in it yet was stained really bad, the toilet wasn’t even working, you weren’t even able to open the bathroom door more than a foot because of just debris piled up all throughout the hotel room,” Johnson said.

When police searched Ramsey’s room they found marijuana and a pipe.

Police say Jessica Ramsey is a fugitive from justice in Scott County, Virginia.

Both parents are now facing felony child neglect charges because the kids are under eight years old.

“[The children] were extremely, extremely dirty, but they did look rather healthy,” Johnson said. “We found out this morning from child protective services that all of them have head lice too.”

The kids are currently in CPS custody.

If convicted, Johnson said jail time for charges like this can be anywhere from one to six years.

Archie Ramsey’s bond is set for $10,000 and Jessica Ramsey has no bond because of previous charges.

They both have a court date on Jan. 7.

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