Santa helps deployed soldier propose to girlfriend

Santa proposes to soldier's girlfriend
Courtesy: WATE/ Eastland Mall Facebook page

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WATE) – A woman thought she was going to the mall with her parents to do some Christmas shopping earlier this week, but she ends up getting engaged instead.

Sgt. Clint Underhill is serving in Afghanistan, and said he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Kimberly Roberts in time for Christmas, but he needed some help.

Sgt. Underhill said, “I wanted to give Kimberly the proposal that she wanted. I talked with her mom, and that’s pretty much how it all started.”

Roberts’ mom then talked with her husband about the idea, and they agreed to let Santa do the honors at an Eastland mall.

Her dad had to do some coaxing to get his daughter to sit on sofa’s lap, and after getting up there, her mom caught the who thing on video.

Santa asked Roberts what she wanted for Christmas. “I told him I wanted my boyfriend to come home safe from Afghanistan, and he pulled out flowers, got down on one knee, and read the proposal that my boyfriend wrote to me,” she recalled.

She then broke down on the floor after saying, “Yes.”

“Definitely the best present I could ask for. I’m so excited. My nieces thought I was going to be Mrs. Claus when they saw the video so it was definitely amazing.”

Who is going to top Kimberly and Clint’s guest list? Santa Claus himself.

The only question that Santa had for the couple was, “Are they going to have cookies along with the cake?”

Sgt. Clint Underhill will return from Afghanistan in June.

Click below to watch the entire moment on YouTube!

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