Teen gets unexpected surprise during traffic stop

Courtesy: KGO-TV

SAUKVILLE, Wis.(WKRN) – A Wisconsin teen that spent most of the year battling a serious illness got an unexpected surprise when an officer pulled her over. She received tickets to see her favorite band perform in New York.

According to KGO-TV, 17-year-old Audra Daniloff’s father worked with the Saukville Police Department to coordinate the surprise.

He wanted to do something special for his daughter, who suffers from a rare disorder called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

Timeflies band members, Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro, pose with Audra at the concert. (Courtesy: KGO-TV)
Timeflies band members, Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro, pose with Audra at the concert. (Courtesy: KGO-TV)

Audra spent much of 2014 in and out of the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and was only given a 20 percent chance of survival.

Her dad decided that surprising her during a traffic stop on her way to school in November was the perfect time for an early Christmas present.

Audra was shocked by what Officer Brandon Depies had to say when he pulled her over.

“I got some good news and some bad news for you, okay?” he said as she held back tears.

“The bad news, first I am giving you two tickets, alright? The good news is they’re probably not the tickets you expect me to give you. One is a plane ticket to New York. The other is a concert ticket to a band called Timeflies.”

Audra, who was shocked and relieved, yelled, “You’re my favorite cop in the entire world!”

Police Chief Goetz said the police department was happy to be a part of this surprise.

“I would argue– the fact that we’re wasting our resources. I think that’s exactly what our resources should be used for,” said Goetz.

Click the video below to watch Audra’s reaction to receiving the tickets. 

*KGO-TV contributed to this story.

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