Airlines work to quickly scan travelers’ bags

Nashville International Airport

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)- During the busy travel season, airlines will check thousands of bags. Airline agents attach the destination sticker and put the bag on the conveyor belt but what happens next?

Your baggage begins on a journey that most of the time lasts a few minutes. First, it travels through an explosive detection system.
If the luggage is deemed safe, it heads to the airline baggage area and onto your flight.
The bags that don’t pass that screening are diverted to a room for additional computer image screening.
If there is still concern, the bag heads to the alarm line and a possible level three screening.
“The automation of this system is what is really incredible. The bags are usually going to make it to the gate before the passenger does,” said Mark Howell with the TSA.
The machines can analyze up to 550 bags per hour.
“We rarely actually put our hands on a bag. Of the 10,000 bags per average we have here a day, a very small number of them have to be physically screened,” said Howell.
Whether a bag requires special screening or not, the majority of the time your luggage makes it onto the plane long before you do.

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