Consumers look for guidelines on holiday tipping

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) –  If you receive a holiday card from your mailman or trash man it may be perceived as a nice gesture, but one customer was surprised when his trash man left behind a Christmas card with a self-addressed envelope inside.

“My thoughts were, ‘Alright, the Christmas card is a nice gesture, Merry Christmas to you, Happy Holidays.’ The envelope to me was, my immediate reaction, was pretty presumptuous,” Shane Tallant told News 2.

Cathi Aycock of said it’s not an uncommon gesture for a private trash service.

“They depend on that Christmas bonus as a year-end bump and they are trying to make it as easy on you as possible, so I wouldn’t be affronted by that necessarily and I think it just depends on your personal budget,” she said.

Aycock said if it’s a city service, consumers need to check with their municipality and see the rules and regulations.

“You are not allowed to leave money for your postman, [it’s] against the law,” Aycock explained.

You can only tip with an item worth less than $20. If it’s in the budget, Aycock said there are several service providers that should be on your list.

“I think the general rule for tipping is [for] folks that serve you on a regular basis,” she said.

Aycock suggested hair dressers, dog watchers and nannies receive the amount of service in a tip, but that $10 is efficient for the garbage man or mailman.

She added, “If your budget doesn’t allow that, then I think you can just write a note and say thank you so much for all the great service you provide.”

A survey revealed that nearly 70 percent of consumers give holiday tips.

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