Woman’s will asks to put down dog so they can be buried together

Bella the Dog

DEARBORN COUNTY, Ind. (WFLA) – An Indiana dog owner wanted her ashes mixed with those of her beloved pet, so that the two could be together for all eternity. The problem is — the dog isn’t dead yet.

But she soon will be, because of a stipulation in the deceased owner’s last will and testament.

For now, Bella is being boarded at Paws of Dearborn County after she was found with her owner Connie Lay, who passed away.

According to volunteers, she is a smart well-trained sweet dog who deserves a home.

But according to the attorney handling Lay’s estate, that was not her owner’s wishes.

While attorney Doug Denmure would not mention the other options available, he says the only feasible option listed in the last will and testament is to have Bella put down and her ashes placed with her owner’s.

Legal analyst Mike Allen says this option isn’t entirely uncommon or illegal.

“Animals are considered property and that’s what the point of a will is, to dispose of property upon one’s death,” Allen explained. “You have that conflicting though with rules that say you have to treat animals humanely.”

Volunteers say several have offered to adopt Bella, but Denmure says it’s Lay’s dog and the executor of her will has the authority to carry out her wishes.

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