3 Holly Bobo suspects in Decatur County court Wednesday

Holly Bobo Suspects
Dylan Adams (L), Zachary Adams (C), and Jason Autry (R)

DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A visibly frustrated Judge Creed McGinley scolded prosecutors and defense attorneys in the Holly Bobo kidnapping and murder case in court.

Zach Adams, his little brother Dylan, and Jason Autry all appeared in the Decatur County court room Wednesday for a final hearing. It is the last time attorneys can file motions in the case.

Judge McGinley said his scheduling order, which sets the pace for the cases to move toward trial, has been largely disregarded.

“I have lost my patience and I think you can sense that,” he said. “The case will move.”

Jennifer Thompson, attorney for Zack Adams, said she has been sent several terabytes of documents but still has not been provided specific evidence to build her defense.

“This has pretty much been dead time,” she said in reference to the time since Adams’ indictment and Wednesday’s hearing.

After the comment, Judge McGinley told her not to use the term “dead time” again.

Adams along with Jason Autry is charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and murder in connection with Bobo’s 2011 kidnapping and murder.

She was last seen at her Parsons, Tennessee, home the morning of April 13, 2011. Her remains were found this September in a wooded area less than three miles from the Adams’ property.

Zack’s younger brother Dylan is charged with two counts of rape in the case.

Decatur County District Attorney Matt Stowe, who took office in September, said much of the specific evidence including DNA analysis has not been completed.

“We will provide the defense with everything they are entitled too as soon as we can,” he said.

Stowe also said his office is working on an open file review policy to facilitate the sharing of information.

Adams’ attorney said she plans to ask for a change of venue for the trial because of the amount of publicity surrounding this case.

Judge McGinley said he is inclined to move the trial for that reason but would not rule until the formal motion is made.

Jason Autry’s attorney, Fletcher Long, also said he will also seek a change of venue for his client. The judge responded by saying that is likely.

“You can look around this courtroom and see the emotion involved with this case,” the judge stated.

Holly Bobo family, Dec. 17, 2014
Holly Bobo’s family

Long also said that due to the Vanderbilt rape trial set for Jan. 12, he will not be in court for a January hearing in the Bobo case.

Dylan Adams was in court briefly. His public defender was given more time to gather information and file motions because Dylan’s indictment came down in October and his attorney has had much less time to review the case.

His next court date is on Jan. 21. The hearing is aimed toward updating the status of his case.

Additionally, Judge McGinley reiterated that the state needs to decide if they’d like to push for the death penalty. He said he would like an answer about the state’s decision at the Jan. 14 settlement hearing.

DA Stowe said his office is still deciding and it’s taking longer because his office has not tried a death penalty case in a long time.

After court, the Bobo family’s pastor and spokesman Don Franks said the family is also ready to see the case move forward at a faster pace.

“As far as the family is concerned we can’t come to a conclusion on this case quick enough, however we want justice to be served,” Franks said. “It has got to be a fair trial and true justice.”

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