Nashville security company keeps watchful eye in unique way

Camera Radio

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Tennessee company’s unique security cameras are gaining popularity and offer a unique way to keep a watchful eye on things important to users.

Nashville’s KJB Security Products installs tiny cameras into things such as the eye of teddy bears to a decorative rock placed in homeowners’ yards that keep a watchful eye out.

Owner Jill Johnston told Nashville’s News 2 she has been dreaming up new places to put cameras since 2002. She said her company puts cameras into “anything we think we can fit those components into.”

teddy bear camera
The camera can be placed in things such as the eye of a teddy bear.

“[We’re] looking to protect what matters to consumers, law enforcement, government agencies and small business owners,” she said.

Johnston said the company’s most popular item is a clock radio.

“We sell 150 a month, probably of just that one form because it does fit in any situation,” she explained.

All of the equipment sold through KJB Security Products is simple to use and does not require any complicated installation.

KJB Security Products assembles all of their merchandise in the state of Tennessee.

“We want to employ people here,” Johnston said. “It’s important for us to control our own quality and to make them unique.”

For more information on KJC Security Products, visit their website.

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