Longtime Hendersonville child care facility fights to stay open

Community Child Care Services

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Hendersonville daycare for single parents is struggling to keep its doors open.

Just over 100 children attend Community Child Care Services, Inc.

Of the child attendees, 75% are from single parent homes.

In the past week the daycare’s board of directors has held two emergency meetings to discuss its financial situation and what it needs to do to stay open.

Community Child Care Services
The childcare facility charges on a sliding scale that is based on a family’s income.

“We were using our reserves for quite some time, over a year, and we’ve run out of our reserves,” explained board chairman Jan Shuxteau.

She continued, “Contributions on every level are down. Our state subsidies are down, and we’re trying to find ways to keep ourselves going.”

Community Child Care Services, Inc. has been serving families in the Hendersonville area since 1987.

It receives most of its funding from fees it charges families. Those fees are generally $100 less per week than other daycares charge.

“There are daycares in Hendersonville with fees of $200 to $250 [per child per week],” said Shuxteau. “If you have more than one child, you could easily be paying as much for daycare as your house note or rent.”

Community Child Care Services
The facility has been opened since 1987.

Madge Jarrett has a granddaughter who attends the childcare facility.

She told News 2 she provides for her entire family because her daughter cannot work.

She said if the daycare were to close, she would have to stay home and care for her grandchildren.

“I don’t know what I would do. I really don’t know what I would do, because I have to work in order to provide for them,” said Jarrett. “I really don’t know what would happen. I don’t even want to image.”

Shuxteau told News 2 they are doing everything they can to stay open.

The board had difficulty making its payroll last month and is depending on local businesses and individuals to help them.

“We really want to see people be able to work, and go to school in order to provide for their families,” Shuxteau said.

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