Chicago trio accused of stealing $20K in 5 hours from over 12 banks

Chicago Trio Bank Robberies

GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Gallatin police say a trio of alleged thieves from Chicago pocketed around $20,000 in five hours last Tuesday.

Detectives told News 2 the suspects used phony credit cards in at least 12 banks across Nashville, Hendersonville and Gallatin to acquire the money.

It began Tuesday morning when Briana Joplin, Titus Long, and Autumn Green rented a car in Chicago and drove to Nashville.

“The male called them up and said, ‘Hey, would you like to make some easy money? We’re going on a road trip and we’re going to Tennessee,’” Detective Emily Stockdale with Gallatin police said.

Armed with fake credit cards containing bank information of unsuspecting Middle Tennesseans, Gallatin police say the trio immediately began attempting to withdraw thousands of dollars at local banks.

“They just start hitting bank after bank,” Det. Stockdale explained.

She said Joplin and Green, both 20 years old, took turns going into the banks using fake credit cards with their own names. The metallic strips on the cards, however, contained information that wasn’t theirs.

Long drove around while the women withdrew the money. They weren’t successful at all of them, though, causing some banks to get suspicious and put out a warning.

Ultimately, when the trio allegedly hit a bank in Gallatin, the tellers were prepared.

They called police who quickly arrived to the area and stopped the rental car.

Long, Joplin and Green were all arrested. A search warrant led officers to $20,000 they say the trio stole in less than five hours.

The women reportedly confessed, saying they were each getting $400 for every $2,500 they helped steal.

Gallatin police said they’re still unclear how many banks and how many victims there might be, nor are they clear how the trio obtained the financial information in the first place.

Authorities said they are also talking to Franklin police who busted a similar group the same night pulling a similar crime.

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