Bellevue cat recovers after being shot with pellet gun

Scooby is recovering after he was shot with a pellet gun.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A beloved cat is recovering Thursday, after family members discovered he had been shot in the leg.

The Morrison family rescued Scooby 16 years ago and he’s grown old with the family.

He’s lived in four different homes with the Morrisons and survived the May floods, but this week Lisa Morrison says someone shot their family pet with a pellet gun.

“This is somebody’s family member and we care about him a lot and it’s upsetting,” Morrison explained as tears filled her eyes.

The thoughtless act left her heartbroken.

“I can’t believe they would aim at a domestic animal, somebody’s pet like that,” she said.

Morrison added that Scooby goes outside regularly and knows the neighbors.

“He usually hangs out in the cul-de-sac and comes in, but he usually doesn’t stay out for very long,” she said.

Morrison said; however, Scooby was struck in his lower leg Tuesday evening.

“His leg, obviously it was broken, it was dangling had some blood on it,” she recalled.

The family wasn’t sure what had happened and was shocked when they saw the x-rays, with the bullet lodged in his leg.

“[It was] forceful enough it fractured through his bone. He could have died, had they hit him in the right spot. It could have been a whole different story,” Morrison said.

For now, Scooby has a splint and will visit the vet weekly for six weeks with hopes that his leg heels.

Morrison told News 2 it looks like Scooby’s vet bills will total around$1,000.

“Whoever the person is, I would want them to take responsibility for the vet bills, you know just realize what they’ve done so they don’t do it again,” she said.

Morrison placed signs around her Riverwalk neighborhood warning other pet owners of the incident, in hopes that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

She has also reached out to police and the Humane Society to report the incident.

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