Very Windy Conditions Moving In

Remember in school when they taught you about “isobars” or lines of equal pressure on a weather map?

The closer together they are packed, the stronger the winds

Check out the “packed isobars” on the 2nd graphic as a strong low pressure center passes to our northwest.  That forecast map is for 6am Monday, BUT the winds will start increasing today to 15-25 mph. 

Overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, we could see gusts 35-40 mph.

The 3rd graphic is our computer model Predictor’s forecast for wind gusts at 9am Monday morning.  Gusts to 41 mph!

This could cause a few tree limbs to fall, possibly on power lines.  Loose objects such as garbage cans should be secured by tonight.  Tomorrow morning, construction workers should be careful on rooftops, and drivers of either high profile or also lightweight vehicles should use caution.

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