Large retailers to remain closed on Thanksgiving

If you plan to knock out your Christmas shopping this Thanksgiving weekend, there are some retailers that are sticking with tradition and letting you cut the turkey first. 

The holiday shopping craze seems to be creeping earlier and earlier every year. Black Friday’s going dim, while Thanksgiving Thursday has stores lighting up.

Macy’s will open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving, while Walmart’s doors are open all day. However, that won’t be the case for some large retailers. 

Home Depot, Dillards, REI and Burlington are among those that will remain closed Thursday.

“We feel that its best that associates have time with their families and loved ones during the holidays,” Operations Manager Jeff McGriff at Home Depot told News 2.

He also added that it’s a tradition the store has had since 1978, when the company was founded.

McGriff said shoppers can still take advantage of Black Friday sales– Friday.

“It’s one of our biggest days of the year.”

Employees and shoppers that News 2 spoke with support the decision to remain closed.

“I think it’s very nice if people can take off and as a family they could come together and celebrate together,” expressed Christine Konradi.

Konradi and her son believe Thanksgiving is about bonding together as a family.

“Going shopping is almost like the opposite of being together as a family so no, no shopping.”

Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island have banned stores from opening on the holiday.

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