TDOT: ‘Eyes on the road and your head out of your apps’

Anyone who has driven the interstate lately has undoubtedly noticed the Tennessee Department of Transportation message boards.

One message reads, “Eyes on the road and your head out of your apps.”

It’s part of a witty campaign that TDOT hopes will make people think twice about using their smartphone while driving.

“Safety is a priority at TDOT and we want people to focus on the road ahead and if these signs can do that that’s what we want,” said TDOT spokeswoman Heather Jensen.

So far this year, 843 people have died on Tennessee highways. That’s better than last year at this time when 872 people had already lost their lives.

Although stats are hard to tabulate, there’s no doubt that texting and driving and distracted driving are huge problems on the road.

Casey Steakley hasn’t seen the signs, but he says they’re a good idea. “If it helps people and they see it and realize what they are doing and it stops, then great.”

TDOT’s campaign is simple: smart drivers don’t drive while using smartphones.

Yvonne Carter was in a bad accident this year. She applauds the effort to get people to put their smartphones down while they drive.

“Yes, especially since I was in a pretty bad car wreck earlier this year, I think this is a really good idea,” she told News 2.

TDOT spokeswoman BJ Doughty said transportation departments across the nation are resorting to witty, sometimes risqué messages to grab a driver’s attention and possibly save lives.

The signs reminding drivers of how many fatal accidents have taken place will start again Thursday.

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