Nationwide salt shortage doesn’t affect Mid-South

Salt shortages in the Mid-West are having no impact on Middle Tennessee road departments getting salt for local roads.

News 2 contacted departments in most counties and the Tennessee Department of Transportation who all said they’ve had no problem getting salt for the upcoming snow season.

Salt prices have increased for some. Brentwood, for example saw their salt prices almost double.

“It pretty much doubled on us this year, from a little over $50 a ton to about $98 a ton,” said Brentwood City Manager Kirk Bednar. “We think that’s because of the increased demand in other parts of the country.”

Most salt barns in Middle Tennessee are stocked well, mostly because they haven’t lost a lot of salt the past several years.

“We think we’re in good shape this year given the fact we haven’t used a lot of salt the past couple of years,” explained Bednar. “We’re fully stocked, but if we have a severe winter other places had last year, then I think everybody around here will be scrambling for salt.”

TDOT spokesperson Heather Jensen told News 2 that the department is ready for bad weather and employees are being trained on the equipment and the areas they will cover.

Sumner County is expecting a shipment of salt that was supposed to be delivered last week.

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