Edgehill Bike Club provides wheels to needy kids

Edgehill Bike Club provides wheels to needy kids (Image 1)

In some inner city neighborhoods, life can be bleak for the kids that grow up there. One Nashville man is working to change that by riding his dream on two wheels.

Prior to 2010, Terry Key and his family had it all. They lived in a nice, comfortable home with a pool. But when the historic May 2010 flood hit, the Key family lost everything.

“It put me right back in the neighborhood, and I had three kids. I said if we come out here in this neighborhood we’re going to come out here and make a difference,” said Key.

Key is doing just that, with bikes.

Hands on Nashville provided Key with 40 bikes to get him started.

“They saw a passion inside of me,” continued Key.

From there, Edgehill Bike Club was born. Key donates the bikes to kids in the neighborhood and organizes rides during the week after school.

Key admits it’s more than just riding. The kids learn bike repair as well.

“Teaching these kids how to fix bikes is giving them ownership,” he told News 2. “ It’s making them work hard for this bike and it’s giving them ownership, and once they get this ownership to fix bikes they try to take care of them.”

Edgehill Bike Club also expands the world for the children involved.

Key recalls when he took several young teenagers on a ride into a park a few miles away from the neighborhood. They had never traveled away from the neighborhood outside of school.

“It’s more than just seeing the violence coming out of this neighborhood,” added Key. “You might see that all the time on the news, but what the cameras are not showing is what’s so good about this neighborhood. This is a growing neighborhood and these people have a chance to really change their lives.”

Tameka Buckley lives next door to the Key family and her son is involved with the program. She said to the kids here, like her son, a bike means a lot.

“A lot of kids don’t have [anything] to look forward to, but to be given a bike, that’s everything,” said Buckley.

Key is always looking for more bikes, helmets and locks.

He’s expanding into the Sudukum neighborhood and already has 100 kids signed up and waiting for bikes.

To help bring the neighborhood closer together, he’s also planning the first Edgehill Bike Club Thanksgiving Feast on November 26.

If you would like to donate food, visit the Edgehill Bike’s Facebook page.

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