Dr. Ming Wang introduces treatment for eyelash condition

A first-ever treatment for a chronic condition that causes eyelashes to stick together has arrived in Nashville.

Dr. Ming Wang of Wang Vision Institute told News 2 the procedure is called BlephEx and allows doctors, for the first time, to treat the condition in their offices.

“It’s almost like going to the dentist for dental hygiene,” Wang said from his office on West End Avenue.

Blephoritis is a condition that affects millions of Americans, largely those over the age of 50.

“Demodex is a micro-organism that hovers along our eyelash roots causing this discharge and deposition,” described Wang.

“Blephoritis, combined with dry eyes, is the cause of many patient’s red eyes, teary eyes, blurry vision and deposition,” he said. “It is a very prevalent condition given our dirty environment, pollution and the diet we eat.”

Using the BephEx, Dr. Wang dips a spinning brush into a solution and then rubs the irritated part of the eyelid. The process takes only a few minutes.

“It’s not painful at all,” said Haley Wilson who works in the office and has tried the treatment.

“It kind of tickles a little bit with your eyelashes and the brush with it spinning and everything, but no, it’s not painful at all,” she said.

Dr. Wang told News 2 BlephEx treatments are repeated every few months as maintenance.

“At the end of these treatments, we will be able to have clean, beautiful eyelashes,” Wang said.

For more information on Dr. Ming Wang, visit his website.

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