Customers could lose cable if Comcast doesn’t pay utility company

A woman who says she pays her bills on time may soon have her cable cut off anyway.

An electric cooperative claims Comcast had not paid them in two years, specifically money owed for the attachments that hold the cable to utility poles.

Linda Lewis of Estill Springs in Franklin County said she is disturbed by a piece of mail she got Wednesday from Duck River Electric Cooperative.

“We received this lovely letter from Duck River stating we would be losing our Comcast services due to Comcast not paying their fees,” said Lewis.

A spokesman with Duck River said those fees are utility pole rental fees. He confirms Comcast service would be the interrupted and that cable giant has not paid the fees for two years.

“If I did not pay my cable bill for two years my cable would have been disconnected a long time ago,” said Lewis.

The letter said if Comcast doesn’t pay the fees, “Comcast service will be affected. The date for detachment of Comcast equipment is Nov. 10.”

A spokesman with Duck River said there are about 7,500 people who could be affected by the issue in Franklin and Moore counties.

“I don’t think it’s right that we have been paying our bill and they don’t pay their bill,” said Kris Ehlers, another Comcast customer from Estill Springs.

Thursday, Comcast released a statement regarding the situation stating, “Comcast is paying all pole rental fees that were due to Duck River Electric so that service to our customers can continue without interruption while we negotiate a new agreement,” Regional Vice President of Public Relations Alex Horwitz said.

A spokesman with Duck River confirmed to News 2 a payment was made Thursday evening and they are waiting for another one.

Horwitz said that payment will be made before the deadline.

“I hope it is resolved,” said Lewis.

When asked why Comcast didn’t pay Duck River until now a Comcast spokesman said, “Duck River specifically said they will defer billing on pole rental charges until a new agreement is reached.”

Comcast said they have been negotiating with Duck River for the past year-and-a-half.

A spokesman with Duck River said they welcome Comcast’s willingness to return to the negotiating table, but said there have been no recent negotiations.

The utility company added when Comcast pays the fee, the negations on a new contract can begin.

According to Comcast, the cable company said they were told they didn’t have to pay the fees until a new agreement was reached.

The Duck River; however, says that’s not true.

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