Berry Hill man hangs U.S. flag upside down out of concern for country

A Berry Hill man is catching the eye of passersby by flying an American flag upside down.

Greg Mabey, a songwriter and realtor, told News 2 he believes the country is in distress, which is why he hung the flag upside down outside his office.

Mabey said he also raised the American flag upside down in his yard on Election Day in addition to writing a song and producing a YouTube video regarding his concerns, which include debt to foreign countries and lawmakers not responding to Americans anymore, among others. 

“It makes you take a second look at what is going on,” he explained. “As a country we need to take a hard look, a third look at what is going on and get it right.”

The 52-year-old father told News 2 he got the idea of flying the flag upside down from a veteran friend who was protesting a loss of military benefits. He said he is just exercising his freedom of speech as an American.

Mabey said he is proud of his actions and that he plans to fly his distressed American flag until the national debt clock rolls back to zero.

“It makes me proud that I’m trying to get someone’s attention,” he said.

Mabey added he encourages other Americans to fly their flags upside down to send lawmakers the message that citizens are discount with the status quo.

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