Mom arrested in east Nashville after son found out in cold weather

A mother was arrested in east Nashville after her 3-year-old child was found wandering outside in the cold weather alone.

According to an affidavit, on Nov.1 a witness told police the little boy started following her and her grandson down Dickerson Pike. The witness called police when they stopped at Meridian and North 2nd Streets in front of the Riverchase Apartments.

Police said the little boy was wearing an unzipped jacket with no shirt underneath when they arrived. They noted it was 40 degrees outside.

The toddler ran from officers, but they followed him to a building on Joseph Avenue where they met his mother Drewcilla Johnson.

She claimed she was getting her hair done, and the toddler’s 8-year-old cousin was supposed to be with her son. Johnson, 20, couldn’t tell police where the 8-year-old was, according to the affidavit.

Residents in the area told police the 3-year-old frequently runs around unattended. The Department of Children Services was notified and the toddler was left in custody of his grandmother.

Johnson was charged with aggravated child neglect and her bond was set at $25,000. Authorities later added an additional charge because she violated her probation that was set in place in June.

Johnson reportedly failed to make monthly payments toward probation and court fees and complete a parenting class.

An additional $11,000 was also added to her bond for the probation violation. 

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