Concerned Metro parents discuss failing east Nashville schools

Concerned Metro parents discuss failing east Nashville schools (Image 1)

Concerned Metro School parents gathered in east Nashville Sunday to discuss how to help failing schools in east Nashville.

Many of the schools are in the bottom 5 percent in the state of Tennessee.

In September, Superintendent Jesse Register proposed an all-choice plan that would let parents choose amongst the public and charter schools.

Sunday, a grassroots group called Tennesseans Reclaiming Educational Excellence spoke out against that plan, citing failures in New Orleans public schools.

“There’s probably correlation between the fact that we have so many low-performing schools here and the fact that there is so much choice,” said school board member Will Pinkston.

He continued, “Choice when it’s used strategically can be a very powerful thing, but when it’s just thrown open, the doors open, it’s for who-knows-what, then it has a destabilizing effect on schools.”

Despite backlash from some, a Metro Schools spokesperson told News 2 the all-choice plan would simply give parents options beyond the lowest performing schools.

As the debate continues, however, parents are faced with confusion.

“It’s kind of scary that I can’t get my head around the plan, if there is a plan, and so if you aren’t as informed as I’ve tried to be, what happens?” questioned Stephanie Mitchell, an east Nashville parent.

Dr. Register is expected to present an updated proposal to the school board in January.

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