Foo Fighters fans who bought ticket to Nashville concert may not get in

The Foo Fighters will be in Nashville Friday night. The question is how many people will actually see the show.

It took no time at all for the band to sell out all 2,000-plus seats at the Ryman Auditorium.

That’s because ticket brokers sucked up all the $20 tickets, which are now selling for 10 and 20 times that on secondary markets like and

Andy Brooks from Columbus, Ohio, tried to buy tickets on and the Ryman’s website.

When that proved impossible, he went to the secondary sites since his wife is a huge fan of the Foo Fighters.

“Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters is her bucket list band,” explained Brooks.

He spent $1,250 on two different broker websites.

Brooks later found out the Ryman will only honor tickets purchased on credit cards in the name of the original buyer.

He explained he is nervous because he paid for his tickets through the third party websites and Momentum tickets.“I think I got a one in 10 chance of getting in, to be honest,” Brooks said. sent Brooks a prepaid Visa card that has his name on it.

His other two tickets were purchased on a prepaid American Express gift card. It doesn’t show his name, but it does have a card number that matches the receipt.

“I actually called the guy and he said, ‘No, no, no, you got everything you need now. You don’t need me down there.’”

Brooks will travel more than six hours to Nashville for the Foo Fighters show. He said he appreciates what the band was trying to do, but the execution was severely lacking.

“I’m mad at everybody. I don’t know how you go and set up something like that and have it be broken before it starts.”

Sources knowledgeable in the industry told News 2 that the brokers who bought up all the tickets and sold them for exorbitant prices on legitimate websites may end up being the big losers in the situation.

If the websites guarantee 100 percent refunds, the websites will charge back the brokers.

News 2 called broker sites and Both websites said if anyone doesn’t get into the concert, their money will be returned as long as they have proof of what happened.

Jason Chafatelli, who missed the first round of tickets, started a petition on asking the Foo Fighters and the Ryman to make more tickets available since scalpers had purchased tickets before fans.

“They are cheating the fans who really wanted to get into the show. All we wanted to do was support the Foo Fighters,” said Chafatelli. “It wasn’t the fact we didn’t get the tickets. It’s the fact we didn’t get a chance.”

The Ryman released a few extra tickets Friday, but they sold out quickly again.

Meanwhile, the venue has hired two off duty Metro officers to help with security ahead of the concert.

“The Foo Fighters concert tonight will be staffed with the appropriate amount of security, just as we do for our other events,” Lisaann Dupont with the Ryman said in a written statement. “The safety and security of our patrons and staff is a top priority for the Ryman.”

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