Black lab goes missing just before owners return to Minnesota

An intense search for a black lab continues in Mt. Juliet.

Jack went missing just before his owners returned to Minnesota after a visit to Wilson County.

“His parents were home from Minnesota to take care of that [work on a house] and they had stopped at the Providence area and Jack jumped out of the car,” said Dawn Thompson, who’s seen the dog several times sleeping in a tree house about 50 yards from their house.

“Every day but two we’ve seen him on the property right around sunset. He’s always here right around sunset. Every night I put a food dish for him down by the tree house,” said Thompson.

Hundreds of residents have organized search parties looking for Jack, seen most recently on South Rutland Road.

“He likes not to be approached, but approach people. Even with people he knows he tends to be a bit timid,” Thompson said. “When he is spotted, we’ll have a group that’s close and come out and try to locate him.”

Volunteer searchers have raised more than $700 as of Friday afternoon to pay for a plane ticket so that the owner can return from Minnesota to help in the search and hopefully take Jack back with them to their new home.

An organized search for the black lab will take place Saturday. Volunteers are asked to meet at the Providence Kroger store at 7:30 a.m. to search for Jack.

For more information on Jack visit his Facebook page.

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