Nashville organization teaches golf to those with limited, no sight

Middle Tennessee PGA professionals and the First Tee of Nashville are helping to prove that even those that can’t visually see where their golf shots end up can still play the game.

For the 13th straight year, students attending The Tennessee School for the Blind got a chance to leave their normal day behind and learn a new game.

It might seem like these young golfers start out with a different kind of handicap, but students like Elijah Collins beg to differ.

“Anything a sighted person can do, a blind person can do. It just takes more accessibility,” Collins said.

It’s the PGA Professionals, along with First Tee of Nashville program director Alphonso Ashford, that provide the accessibility.

Students with limited sight to no sight at all visit the Vinny Links Golf Course in Nashville every year.

Ashford says it’s one of his favorite clinics to teach.

“The young man I was working with is a phenomenal little player,” he said. “His brother and his father play golf and it gives him an opportunity to feel normal; those are his words. Anyone can play golf.”

First Tee of Nashville teaches kids of all ages and backgrounds life skills through the game of golf.

For more information on how to get involved, visit their website.

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