Substitute teacher accused of stapling students in Giles County

Substitute teacher accused of stapling students in Giles County (Image 1)

A substitute teacher in Giles County is under investigation for stapling students with a stapler at Bridgeforth Middle School in Pulaski, approximately 75 miles south of Nashville.

School officials said after the principal was made aware of the situation Thursday, the teacher was told to leave the building immediately and not return.

It is unclear how many students were involved. However, those who were injured suffered puncture wounds and were treated by the school nurse, the district said in a release.

“It’s just the most bizarre thing I have ever heard of,” said Kathy Whitworth, whose granddaughter attends the middle school.

She said her granddaughter told her a substitute teacher at the school stapled more than 20 students in her eight grade class.

“My granddaughter had three marks on her arm and I think one of the staples got hung in her arm. She’s a very small girl and she could not get it out,” said Whitworth.

She added, “As a nurse my first initial reaction was the infection control issue and what later on, months down the road could happen.”

Pulaski police would not confirm details of what happened but said they are continuing to investigate.

“I’ve heard it all around the school,” said a Bridgeforth Middle School student who does not want to be identified. He said he had the substitute teacher before.

“He’s always been a nice sub. I’ve never known him hurting someone,” said the student.

School leaders consulted with the Giles County Health Department and determined a tetanus shot was not needed since students are required to have that vaccination prior to entering the 7th grade.

“The greatest responsibility of the Giles County School Board is the safety of each and every student in the system,” the Giles County Board of Education said in the statement, adding, “We will continue to monitor the students for possible reactions and discomfort utilizing the school nurse and health department staff if necessary.”

The investigation is ongoing.

The teacher’s name was not released.

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