Statement from family of Gordon Schaffer

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (WKRN) – Gordon Schaffer, 22, was shot and killed during a robbery while he worked at the Papa John’s in Columbia on Oct. 20.

Below is a statement given to News 2 Wednesday, Oct. 22 by Gordon’s sister, Devan:

My brother, Gordon Schaffer, was full of life. He was a free spirit that truly absorbed every aspect of life and spent his time trying to enjoy everything life had to offer. He was also one of the most loving and generous people to walk this earth. He proved time and time again that he would give everything he had to show someone love—he was known by many to be the type that would give his last dime to someone in need, even if it meant that he had to go without. It is absolutely devastating that the sun now shines a little duller because he is no longer here. My brother has known from a young age how cruel the world can be, yet he lived his life happily. Our family is so thankful for the strong support of our community. We realize that this tragic loss has affected so many people, as Gordo was the friendliest person and never knew a stranger. We are extremely thankful for the tireless effort of the Columbia PD, who have not rested until a small sliver of justice was brought to our family. We also thank the Spring Hill PD for their outpouring of support. Papa John’s has shown a tremendous amount of care for our family, as they are covering all medical bills and the cost of Gordo’s funeral. The entire middle TN family has shown a flood of support for our family and we are forever grateful. It is our sincerest hope that local businesses re-examine their policies in regards to employees working alone in high-risk areas. We do not want to see another family suffer a loss that could be avoided.

To the cowards that committed this senseless and horrific act, we pray that justice will be swift and unmerciful, as you showed Gordo no mercy two nights ago. You have robbed a mother of her only son, sisters of their only brother, and this world of an innocent life. Your actions show your cowardice and we pray that you will receive a fate deserving of this crime. Nothing will bring Gordo back, however justice will begin to give us the closure we all need.

Once again, we thank the community for their support as we begin the healing process.

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