Woman ‘livid’ after subcontractors dig huge hole in yard

Woman 'livid' after subcontractors dig huge hole in yard (Image 1)

An east Nashville woman is angry after coming home from work Wednesday to find a work crew in her back yard digging a hole the size of a small swimming pool.

The woman, who wishes not to be identified, said she was shocked to find a power shovel digging the massive hole and tearing down fences to access the sewer.

“I was livid,” she told News 2. “I don’t know who they are or why they’re here. I was never told. It looks horrible and I’m mad. Very mad.”

Because they couldn’t access her home’s back yard, the subcontractor came through a home two doors down the street, tore through two fences and crossed through another neighbor’s yard.

Metro Water Services said it hired subcontractors who were fixing sewer pipes in the “easement.”

John Kennedy said they were subcontracted by the city as part of a Metro rehabilitation project.

The crews were working on the sewer and installing liners and clean outs that will ultimately benefit residents in east Nashville.

City officials told News 2 door hangers were left to notify customers of the work on June 4 and again on September 24.

“According to the contractor, the work they did was in the easement so there is a right to work in the sewer there,” Kennedy explained. “We are really sorry she didn’t see the notification. I’ve also been told by the contractor that they spoke to a neighbor about taking down that fence and he asked him to take the fence down so there was person to person conversation with the neighbor.”

The woman and the neighbor told News 2 they had no idea this would happen Wednesday and no door hangers were left to notify them.

The subcontractor also told News 2 the door hangers were put out, but he apologizes to the woman before having no further comments.

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