Fairview city officials hire farm animals to clear brush

Fairview city officials hire farm animals to clear brush (Image 1)

Fairview city officials took an unusual route when it came to clearing land covered in brush at Earthen Dam located at the Bowie Nature Park.

Park officials told News 2 they found a company that rents farm animals to clear rough terrain, such as the steep slope at the park.

Crews penned off the one-acre area with an electric fence and then let the 53 sheep and 35 goats begin eating away.

“Instead of putting a bunch of employees on an extreme slope with weed eaters doing a job that is more than likely not safe, we got goats and sheep doing that job and nobody is at risk,” explained Park Superintendent Bryan Bissell.

Now, what was a thick, vegetated slope two weeks ago is nearly cleared.

City officials said it cost $1,700 to rent the animals, an amount they say was well worth it, especially since the steep slope was not safe for crews with gasoline powered equipment.

“The slope is extreme,” said Bissell. “It is not something that anyway wants to walk around on.”

Bissell added renting the animals were also cheaper than eight employees working eight hours per day with power equipment.

According to park officials, every three years the Earthen Dam has to pass state certification.

Officials said they are confident the dam will pass the upcoming inspection.

The farm animals will likely go back to their owners this weekend.

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