700 soldiers at Fort Campbell prepare to fight against Ebola

700 soldiers at Fort Campbell prepare to fight against Ebola (Image 1)

More than 5,000 miles from the hot zone, hundreds of soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell are getting ready to help out in the fight against Ebola.

About 700 soldiers from Fort Campbell will join Operation United Assistance in response to the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.

A group of soldiers on Thursday were briefed and trained on Ebola ahead of their deployment there to West Africa.

“We’re going there to help them and show the compassion that soldiers of the United States have for the rest of the world,” said Captain Kent Wiley.

Most of the soldiers being sent to Liberia have been deployed before. Sergeant Jesus Sanchez just came back from Afghanistan five months ago.

Sgt. Sanchez says West Africa presents some challenges to which he’s not accustomed.

“You never know. You can just touch something without knowing and in the next couple of days, you’re sick,” Sanchez said. “And that’s pretty frightening.”

In addition to Ebola, soldiers were briefed on Malaria, insects, snakes, sexually transmitted diseases and other risks associated with traveling to the region.

The duration of the deployment has not been determined.

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