Chalkboard in 12th South encourages people to share dreams

Chalkboard in 12th South encourages people to share dreams (Image 1)

It’s a simple idea consisting of a chalkboard, chalk, and a question we all should ask ourselves: “Before I die, I want to…?”

And Nashvillians are filling in the blanks.

The chalkboard sits outside of a 12th South restaurant called Flipside.

The owner, Jason Sheer, told News 2 a woman came by one day telling them about the idea and they gladly agreed to put it in front of their restaurant.

Sheer said he erases it at least once a day so others can fill in their responses.

“Sometimes it’s filled up; erase at 11 a.m. and it’s filled up by 11:30 a.m.,” he said.

The chalkboard reminds people of their dreams too often forgotten during the speed of a typical day.

“We get a lot of traffic, a lot of people dreaming and putting it down on the chalkboard,” Sheer told News 2.

There’s something about etching out those dreams, writing down what you’d like to do before you die, that creates a sense of tangibility and accountability to live up to.

“We’ve seen famous people writing on the board, and you have the songwriter, who’s trying to make it, is writing their dream next door,” Sheer said.

Lauren Cassetty, a Nashville resident, calls the chalkboard a motivation.

“People have dreams and big things on their minds. They want to see a different world than it is right now, a better world,” she said, adding, “It’s just cool to see what people want to do and maybe give them some ideas.”

To find the chalkboard yourself, visit 2403 12th Avenue South.

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