Williamson County switches way residents get emergency alerts

Williamson County switches way residents get emergency alerts (Image 1)

Williamson County and the City of Brentwood announced Tuesday that emergency notifications for all of Williamson County are now being provided by a single vendor, Everbridge Inc.

Everbridge is the same company that has provided such notifications for the City of Franklin since 2012.

The change was made to improve the ability to rapidly mass-notify residents about emergencies, and give residents greater control over the process.

The switch is supposed to improve the process of notifying people about an emergency, but many people don’t know that if you don’t sign up, you may not get the alerts.

“We want to know what’s happening and if we need to go somewhere and be safe,” said Emily Kuchers of Brentwood.

She and her husband Matt are in favor of the new system, but they didn’t know they had to sign up to get the alerts.

“I haven’t had a landline in I don’t even know how long,” said Kuchers.

Brentwood’s Assistant City Manager, Jay Evans, said only people with landlines will automatically get the emergency alerts.

Those people will be transferred to the new system; everyone else will need to sign up.

Many people including the Kuchers, didn’t know. “I never heard of it. I mean the first thing I would think is how can I sign up?”

To sign up, click on the link to the area where you reside and then click the Citizen’s Alert button.

Users will then be prompted to fill out a form with their information to receive the alerts.

Williamson County: http://www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov
Brentwood: http://www.brentwood-tn.org
Franklin: ttp://www.franklintn.gov 

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