Grandmother mauled by family dog speaks first time since attack

Grandmother mauled by family dog speaks first time since attack (Image 1)

A Mt. Pleasant grandmother is home Tuesday night recovering from a vicious dog attack.

It happened last Monday while Shelby Cates was babysitting her grandchildren.

The family pet suddenly bit her face, her skull and dragged her off the family’s front porch.

The 64-year-old woman was flown to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville with devastating wounds.

After four days in the hospital, Cates was released and is expected to make a full recovery.

“I thought I was dying,” she told News 2 from a lounge chair, covered with a blanket.

But the blanket cannot conceal the extent of her injuries.

Cates is covered with bruises that stretch from her head down to her legs.

The grandmother of nine said it was horrible; the dog that attacked was her own, a pit bull boxer mix named Sam.

“He had me by my head here, and I seen the blood running down in my face and I said oh god, I am dead,” Cates recalled.

Her two grandchildren witnessed the horrific incident.

One ran for help while the other threw a pickle jar at the dog, hoping to stop the attack.

Eventually, a neighbor managed to stop the attack by beating the dog with a baseball bat.

“It makes me feel wonderful that I have grand kids like that. They are seven and 10 years old, but they knew what to do,” Cates told News 2.

She added, “I love you all very much and I am very proud of you.”

Cates doesn’t know why the dog attacked her. Sam was a family pet.

After the incident, he was picked up by Metro Animal Control. Sam will be put down Thursday.

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