Judge grants David Chase’s ex-girlfriend order of protection

Judge grants David Chase's ex-girlfriend order of protection (Image 1)

A judge granted an order of protection for the ex-girlfriend of prominent Nashville developer David Chase.

Chase must now stay away from the woman, who accused him of assault, for a year. Chase’s request for an order of protection from his ex was denied by the judge.

“This is not just a victory for my client, it’s a victory for all women of domestic violence,” attorney Robin Kimbrough told News 2.

The decision was made after nearly 10 hours in a Metro courtroom.

During the hearing, the woman retold her story.

She said she lived with Chase until a few weeks before two alleged assaults during the early morning hours of Sunday, June 8.

The ex-girlfriend testified that in the first assault, Chase dragged her by the ponytail out of the apartment they once shared.

She also testified that after Chase was arrested and released from jail, he assaulted her a second time at his apartment later that Sunday.

She told Judge Gale Robinson that Chase had his hands around her neck in the second assault saying, “I want to kill you. I am going to break your neck.”

In seeking his own order of protection in late July, Chase told a different story saying the woman “harassed, stalked and assaulted” him while “trespassing” at his apartment, and that there were people with her “who said ‘they wanted to kill me.'”

During afternoon testimony, defense attorney Richard McGee questioned Chase’s ex-girlfriend about her motives for being in Chases’ apartment the morning of the alleged assaults.

The case drew headlines when questions arose about how Chase was released from jail after the first assault.

A General Session judge, at the request of Chase’s then-attorney, used his authority to waive a 12-hour hold placed on Chase by a Night Court Commissioner.

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