Honeysuckle Hill Farms unveils Luke Bryan corn maze

Honeysuckle Hill Farms unveils Luke Bryan corn maze (Image 1)

A Springfield farm has turned its cornfield into a salute to country star Luke Bryan.

Honeysuckle Hill Farms annually chooses a country music star to feature in its corn maze that attracts thousands of people every year.

This year Honeysuckle Hill Farm decided to honor who they describe as the hottest country music star today.

“We had to get his permission, so yes, he knows about it,” said Honeysuckle Hill Farm owner Jeff Alsup.

“We cut this picture out in August. I can’t tell you how long the paths are, but if you take the whole maze, you’ll be in here an hour and a half, at least,” he said.

The corn field covers 12 acres and Alsup said 65,000 people visit the farm every October.

“We do it when the corn is about 12 inches tall,” said Alsup. “We spray paint that picture on the ground with marking spray.”

Once the corn begins to grow, Alsup said the design is done.

Although it’s difficult for people on the ground walking through the maze to see that the path actually forms the face of Bryan, Honeysuckle Hill Farm does have artist rendering of what the cornfield looks like from above.

Work begins on the maze every August.

Workers plot out on graph paper the design, then clear the path through the knee-high corn.

Honeysuckle Hill Farm is open to the public until November 1.

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