Station 14 fire hall in east Nashville celebrates 100 years

Station 14 fire hall in east Nashville celebrates 100 years (Image 1)

Nashville celebrated a century of service at the Station 14 fire hall in Nashville on Wednesday.

The station, located on Holly Street, first opened in 1914 and was the city’s first fire hall built to house motorized fire trucks.

“It signaled in a new era and [the] ringing out of another era,” said deputy fire chief Danny Yates.

Station 14 is still in use covering east Nashville and has the only remaining fire pole where firefighters slide down from their quarters to a waiting fire truck.

The fire station was built to blend into the historic blocks of colonial style homes.

“They really didn’t like the idea of making some municipal buildings here,” said Yates. “They wanted to look like a neighbor because that’s what we are. Neighbors.”

Five firefighters are stationed at the hall and three are on duty around the clock.

Several times in the last 100 years there has been talk that Station 14 be replaced with a more modern design and be re-located closer to Gallatin Road.

Talk became serious in the 1970’s when the city strongly considered re-locating the station to the space where LP Field sits now.

“It’s an important fire hall because these are very close, dense neighborhoods here,” said former Nashville city councilman John Summers, who fought to keep Station 14 in east Nashville.

“These guys can get out and respond from here in this neighborhood rather than if it was located closer to Gallatin Road,” he said.

Station 14 is known throughout the community as a place for kids to trick-or-treat during Halloween.

In the 60’s and 70’s, firefighters decorated the fire station as a haunted house for children during the Halloween season.

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