Sonic manager springs into action after carhop robbed at gunpoint

Sonic manager springs into action after carhop robbed at gunpoint (Image 1)

If not for the quick thinking of the manager at the Sonic restaurant in the Grassland area of Williamson County, a suspected robber may have gotten away.

Justin Pearre, of Franklin, is now behind bars on charges of aggravated robbery and evading arrest.

His arrest comes after he reportedly robbed a young carhop on Sept. 24 at the Sonic located on Hillsboro Road.

The employee’s manager, however, jumped into action and followed the suspect after the armed robbery.

He called 911 as he followed Pearre and gave deputies crucial information about the suspect and the mini-van he was driving.

“I just had a guy pull a gun on one of my employees,” he told 911 dispatchers. “I’m following him right now. I have no idea who he is, just tried to rob one of my carhop .”

He went on to explain that the young employee came inside the business crying, so he immediately got into his car and took after Pearre.

Deputy Shaun Stein was able to get behind the mini-van immediately, eventually making a felony stop in a Franklin Road community on the corner of Lynwood Way and Franklin Pike.

On his dashcam video, Deputy Stein can be heard telling the suspect to exit his fan with his hands raised.

The video shows Pearre, 20, walking backward before kicking off his flip-flops and sprinting for the nearby woods.

Deputy Stein gave chase until Pearre reportedly surrendered.

Officials said the 20-year-old called his dad from the woods, but his dad suggested he surrender.

After his capture, K9s searched the woods and located an airsoft gun.

Money stolen from the Sonic employee was also recovered.

Pearre’s bond was set to $33,000.

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