Man uses wedding pictures to trigger wife’s memory after brain hemorrhage

Man uses wedding pictures to trigger wife's memory after brain hemorrhage (Image 1)

A New York husband used recent wedding pictures to help trigger his new bride’s memory after she suffered a rare brain hemorrhage just one month after getting married.

Tunica Hall received treatment at Long Island Hospital’s intensive care unit over the summer. According to ABC News, upon waking up, it was discovered the 43-year-old woman suffered short term memory loss.

Despite remembering her new husband Raleigh, she had no idea the pair had recently tied the knot.

Raleigh said as a way to help his wife remember their special day, he covered his wife’s hospital room with hundreds of pictures from their wedding day.

“The whole point of putting up the pictures was to connect her with those that love her,” Raleigh explained to ABC News.

Raleigh’s plan worked and soon, Tunica began to remember their June wedding.

“The pictures helped. I would look at the pictures and it would bring back memories,” she said.

Raleigh said he believes the pictures helped his wife heal and doctors say it is a possibility.

“We do know that with patients who come in with brain injury, things such as pictures, interactions with family, and these things can help trigger memories,” Dr. Richard Temes told ABC News.

Tunicia continues to recover at home and is undergoing physical therapy. She said she believes her memory has fully returned.

*ABC News contributed to this report. 

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