Amy Grant, Kellie Pickler team up for breast cancer awareness

Amy Grant, Kellie Pickler team up for breast cancer awareness (Image 1)

A couple of big names in music were in Nashville Tuesday night, teaming up to help fight breast cancer.

Amy Grant and Kellie Pickler joined forces at the “Eat. Drink. Party Pink!” event hosted by Athena Water and held at The Rosewall, an event space in the Gulch.

The goal was to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“I’m very excited to be here tonight,” Pickler told News 2. “I think we’ve all been affected in some way, shape or form by cancer, be it breast cancer or another form of cancer.”

Pickler said a close friend of hers was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Her friend, who is now cancer free, attended the event Tuesday to help raise awareness.

Both Pickler and Grant were named “Athena Warriors” for their commitment to the cause, each experiencing the depth of the disease through loved ones.

“Really, it’s every woman’s story,” Grant said. “Whether you get the call or not, someone you love has gotten the call.”

Grant also recorded a song that, when purchased, goes to support and fund breast cancer research.

“Tonight’s the beginning of a much bigger awareness push to let Nashvillians and people across the country know how they can help so easily,” Grant said, “by picking up the water bottle with the pink label or downloading the song.”

Both the song and water can be purchased at Athena Water’s website.

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