Newborn voluntarily surrendered at fire hall reclaimed by birth mother

Newborn voluntarily surrendered at fire hall reclaimed by birth mother (Image 1)

A newborn baby who was voluntarily surrendered at an east Nashville fire station last month has been reclaimed by her birth mother.

The Department of Children’s Services told News 2 Monday they are in the process of assessing the woman’s home and reviewing her case.

Depending on the assessment, DCS will develop a plan to reunite the baby and mother.

Officials said they used DNA testing to confirm the unidentified woman was in fact the infant’s biological mother.

The infant was dropped off at the Holly Street fire station on the night of August 26.

Police did not investigate the incident because there was no crime committed.

Under the state’s Safe Haven law, which went into effect in 2001, as long as the baby is unharmed and the mother acts within 72 hours of birth, she will not be prosecuted and is assured complete confidentiality.

A DCS spokesperson previously told News 2 the baby’s birth parents have 30 days to contact DCS if they decide they want to start the process of getting the baby back.

After 30 days, the state then starts the process of terminating parental rights.

“The department wants to take this opportunity to thank this baby’s foster parents and Tennessee’s other foster parents, who care for children in state custody,” DCS Spokeswoman Carrie Weir said in an emailed statement.

DCS is not identifying the baby’s mother nor will say if the woman has other children living in her home.

Another newborn baby girl who was surrendered at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on August 30 remains in foster care.

DCS said the baby is doing well.

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