Historic Nashville names 9 buildings in danger of being demolished

Historic Nashville names 9 buildings in danger of being demolished (Image 1)

Historic Nashville has announced its list of nine historical sites most in danger of being torn down. 

Among the listed nine include:

  • Albert Samuel Warren House located at 1812 Broadway
  • Belair Mansion located at 2250 Lebanon Road
  • Coca Cola bottling plant located at 1525 Church Street
  • Hillsboro High School located at 3812 Hillsboro Pike
  • Printers Alley located at 200 block of 3rd Avenue N & 4th Avenue N & 300 block of Church Street
  • Trail West building on lower Broadway located at 217 to 221 Broadway
  • Sunnyside Outbuildings located at 3000 Granny White Pike 
  • RCA Studio A located at 30 Music Square West
  • Hamilton Church Cemetery located at 3105 Hamilton Church Road

Historic Nashville president Melissa Wyllie said, “Historic Nashville believes historic preservation is an essential part of our community.” 

She continued, “This year, the community has said loud and clear that as a city we need to find a way to grow that also preserves the historic places that make Nashville unique.” 

Mike Wolfe, star of the A&E show “American Pickers” joined the effort and introduced the Nashville Nine at Studio A on Tuesday.

Wolfe who owns and operates Antique Archaeology in a historic building on Clinton Street has been a Nashville resident for three years.

“I am frustrated. I’m ticked off and I think a lot of people are, and they don’t understand how to help,” Wolfe said. “I think the first thing is to know there are other people out there who feel the same way,” he said.

“I’ve tried to buy some buildings not too far from here. There’s a sign on the building and I’ll call about the building and the guy’s like, ‘It isn’t the building for sale. It’s the whole block,'” said Wolfe. “People are playing Monopoly with our historic sites and we need to put our fists down and say, ‘This is where it stops.'”

The group continues to petition the mayor’s office, city council members and gathers signatures and support to save the pieces of history. 

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