5 teens still at large after escaping DCS detention center

5 teens still at large after escaping DCS detention center (Image 1)

Five teens are still on the run after escaping Woodland Hills Development Center on Monday.

The teens still at large are: De’Mario Fisher, 17; Jaron Carrethurs, 17; Kuyvonta Cain, 17; Omar Manzanarez, 17; and Tajhiee Cockerham, 17.

More than 30 youths originally escaped the facility.

One of the escapees, Andre Davis, 18, was arrested Friday morning after he was caught loitering in a breezeway at the Burning Tree Apartments in Hermitage.

DCS released a list of convictions for each of the original eight students who weren’t captured within a few hours of the escape. Their charges range from aggravated battery and aggravated animal cruelty along with multiple robbery and drug offenses.

Two dozen teens escaped from the same facility Wednesday night.

Initially, around 11:10 p.m., five teens escaped the by kicking out metal plates under windows weakened by Monday night’s escape.

More teens followed, many rioting, breaking windows and setting off fire extinguishers.

Two guards were injured in the process, one when he was hit with a stick.

DCS said many of the teens were also involved in Monday night’s escape.

The facility is one of three DCS operated youth development facilities that provide delinquent male youth with 24-hour supervision and care.

They offer many services to help rehabilitate the teens including medical and dental care, religious services, counseling, aggression training, psychiatric services and more.

According to the Associated Press, the facility was the site of a 2004 breakout attempt in which more than a dozen teens injured 16 staffers before they were dispersed by police.

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