Company creates healthy fast food option for those on the go

Company creates healthy fast food option for those on the go (Image 1)

Eating healthy isn’t always easy. It takes time and sometimes it can get expensive.

Fit Food Revolution is trying to change that.

Greg Selby says his idea is simple. Individual meals made fresh daily are refrigerated and waiting for you to grab.

“What you do is you take it home with you, you pop it in your fridge or take it to work with you, two minutes in the microwave and you’re good to go,” Selby explained.

These aren’t just any meals, though. They’re prepared off-site here in Nashville by Fit Food Revolution’s Chef, who was trained at Le Cordan Bleu in France, and the options are endless.

“We’ve got basic smoked chicken and vegetable sort of dishes, all the way to a smoked duck with a blueberry-jalapeno compote. One of our most popular is our bison lasagna, that’s absolutely fantastic,” Selby said.

Selby spent quite a bit of time on the road in his previous job and he found it difficult to find time to cook.

“I found myself gaining weight, I found myself feeling sluggish because I was eating poorly, and I found that I wasn’t having the time I wanted to have with my family,” he explained.

He sat down with his wife and came up with a solution.

“Everybody tries to find the holy grail of healthy fast food, and it may not be in the traditional sense of the fast food that it’s a drive thru window, but we knew that there was a way to do it and a way to make it really tasty and really nutritious, and to make it fit today’s lifestyle,” Selby said.

The pre-made meals last four days and range in price from $5.25 to $12.

They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and vegetarian meals at two locations right now, Brentwood and Green Hills.

The Brentwood location on Cadillac Drive is closed Sundays while the Green Hills location is open seven days a week.

Fit Food Revolution will open two more in the West End and Cool Springs area in the next few months.

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