NFL team helps player pay for daughter’s cancer treatment

NFL team helps player pay for daughter's cancer treatment (Image 1)

An NFL team is helping a football player continue paying for his daughter’s cancer treatment even after he was cut.

ABC reported that the Cincinnati Bengals cut defensive tackle Devon Still, 24, from the team roster Saturday.

However, Still then learned he would be placed on the practice squad, which allows him to pay for treatment for his four-year-old daughter, Leah, who is battling stage four pediatric cancer.

“They could have washed their hands with me and said they didn’t care about what I was going through off the field,” Still said. “It’s like a blessing in disguise for me.”

Under his new position, Still will receive medical insurance and a weekly salary of $6,300.

The practice squad also means he will have more time with his daughter since he will travel less.

Still announced his daughter’s cancer on Instagram earlier this summer and remains optimistic about the situation.

“We’re going to go to battle with cancer,” Still said. “She’s willing to put up a fight to beat it.”

*ABC News contributed to this story.

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