4, including former officer, facing charges after meth raid

4, including former officer, facing charges after meth raid (Image 1)

A former law enforcement officer is among four charged in a Maury County meth raid.

It happened Tuesday night in a small home in a quiet neighborhood in the 300 block of Eighth Avenue in Columbia.

Deputies told News 2 they were watching the house for other illegal activity but obtained a search warrant after learning children in the home might be exposed to a meth making operation.

Maury County drug task force members entered the home and found what they described as an active meth lab and evidence of two dozen other meth cooks known as “shake and bakes.”

Investigative photographs reveal drug agents wearing respirators and going through trash where they found meth making components including lighter fluid, Sudafed and acid, which is reportedly used as a gas generator in the cook.

In one of the rooms, deputies found a box of badges that reportedly belonged to 33-year-old Josh Adkison. He is a former Wayne County deputy, former Department of Correction prison guard and a former reserve deputy with the Maury County Sheriff’s Department, the agency that’s leading the investigation surrounding him.

Three others were arrested in the raid including Adkison’s wife Shannon, who drug agents said works as a crisis counselor in Columbia, Joshua Cates and Scottie Rummage.

Cates was found in the basement allegedly making meth when agents entered the home.

Investigators said a 7-year-old and a 13-year-old were in the home. They were taken inot DCS custody and are now staying with a family member.

Newly sworn in Maury County Sheriff Bucky Rowland said his officers acted quickly to protect the citizens and the children in the home.

“I’ve said for years, I have more respect for the drug dealer who stands on the street and says, ‘I’m a drug dealer come and get me’ than the guy who puts on the uniform, and badge and I have no tolerance for that,” Rowland said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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