‘Remembering Waylon’ auction focuses on life of country great

'Remembering Waylon' auction focuses on life of country great (Image 1)

How would you like to own a pair of cowboy boots originally made for Hank Williams or an Ariel Cyclone motorcycle that music great Buddy Holly owned?

That’s just a few of the items of the late country music legend Waylon Jenning’s that will be up for sale soon.

A driving force of the outlaw country movement, Waylon changed the face of country music and influenced countless musicians.

Now 12 years after his passing, his wife Jessi Colter is parting with many of Waylon’s personal belongings.

“It’s emotional, but Waylon said it about dates, events and offers that came to him. If it makes sense, I’ll do it,” Colter told Nashville’s News 2.

Jessi has spent months gathering more than 2,000 items from storage units in Music City.

Among the many items up for sale are several gifts that were given to Waylon like Muhammad Ali’s training gloves and Willie Nelson’s braids.

Nelson cut the braids in 1983 and gifted them to Waylon at a party thrown by Johnny Cash and June Carter in honor of his recent sobriety.

The pigtails are expected to go for $50,000 to $60,000.

Another item up for auction is the original contract forming the country super group the Highwaymen, signed by Jennings, Nelson, Cash and Kristofferson.

It is expected to bring in $80,000 to $100,000.

This is the third shipment from Nashville out to Arizona where the auction will be held.

Waylon’s widow said that’s where he romanced about his music and where the legend was ultimately laid to rest

“He wasn’t attached to any of the glitz; it was just the song that he loved,” she said.

Jessi added that the items belong to the fans, not stored away or behind glass in a museum.

“It’s the only time it will be offered, the first and the last time,” she said.

The Remembering Waylon auction will focus on the life of legendary country musician Waylon Jennings and will be held by New York City-based Auction House Guernseys on October 5 at Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum.

There will also be several opportunities to bid online as well.

For more information visit Guernseys.com.

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