Campaign encourages students to ‘Be Nice’ to each other

Campaign encourages students to 'Be Nice' to each other (Image 1)

Williamson County Schools kicked off a “Be Nice” campaign to encourage students to be nice to classmates and others.

The kick-off was held at the Franklin Theatre and attended by principals, students and leaders in the community.

The campaign, which is gaining national attention, started at Fairview High School last year and Principal Juli Oyer told News 2, it’s been a success.

“We’ve seen our kids talking to each other in the hallway. We’ve seen adults, when we have our T-shirts on, come into the office mad, and then going, ‘Oh, maybe I need to reel that in a little bit,'” Oyer said.

The positive response at FHS led the Williamson County school district to begin the initiative at all 41 schools.

Throughout the school year and perhaps longer, school administrators and teachers will wear “Be Nice” T-shirts in the school’s colors. Some students will be awarded t-shirts. 

“It gives students a very easy thing to say when they’re seeing something that’s hard to stand up to. It’s easy to jokingly say, ‘Hey man, be nice!’ They connect with it and respond to it,” said Oyer.

Elise Hirt, a senior at Centennial High School believes the campaign will resonate with high school students. 

“High school can be tough,” she said. “Sometimes it’s not fun because people are mean, but when they see the difference that it makes in people’s lives and how easy and simple it is, I think it will catch on and hopefully it will have a ripple effect and everyone will just be able to be nice.” 

Also participating in the campaign are the Franklin police and fire departments, Williamson County Sheriff’s Department, Brentwood Fire Department, city leaders and singer Hunter Hayes who recorded a special video message for the announcement.

“We don’t need to have an anti-bullying message,” said principal Oyer. “If we start with the positive and we keep it very simple and just ask everybody that’s in our building, no matter what interactions they’re having, to live this way, we believe we’re going to see kindness win.” 

For more information on the Be Nice campaign, click here

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