Man talks legal action after car struck by suspect in police chase

Man talks legal action after car struck by suspect in police chase (Image 1)

A Murfreesboro man is talking about legal action after a “potential murder suspect’s” car that was being chased by police struck him head-on early Saturday.

Mike Davis says “the Lord protected me” when he only had some forearm bruises after an airbag in his 1997 Jaguar shielded him.

Police said he was struck by a car driven by Alan Mooney Jr. who was being pursued for questioning after human remains were found in a Wilson County fire on Friday.

Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan told News 2, “We hate what happened, but we had a potential murder suspect on the loose.”

Davis told News 2 he was returning from work at a business he owns when he saw that he could not turn either way on Broad Street from Old Fort Parkway due to a police roadblock.

Seconds later, Mooney’s car, which was followed by vehicles from four law enforcement agencies, hit Davis and another vehicle next to him.

“We stopped him, me and the other car stopped him, when they didn’t,” said Davis. “I plan to consult with a lawyer on Tuesday.”

“It happened so quick that all I could say was Jesus you have to help me, and begin to pray in the spirit cause I was in such shock, so quick,” Davis added.

Sheriff Bryan told News 2, “Everything leads us to believe that the human remains are those of Alan Mooney, Sr. who live in the house devastated by the fire, but a positive identification has yet to be made.”

The sheriff said his deputies wanted to question the younger Mooney about what they called “a suspicious fire,” but he fled when spotted and the early Saturday morning chase began.

Sheriff Bryan said he plans to consult with the local district attorney for Wilson County about charges against the younger Mooney connected to the suspicious fire and the human remains found in the burned out rubble.

He added that every agency involved in the chase, Wilson and Rutherford counties, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Murfreesboro Police, will be looking at what happened in the chase.

“Any pursuit, we’ll look at,” the sheriff said.

He added that injury or property claims from third parties involved in police pursuits typically end up with companies insuring government agencies or the third party’s insurer.

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