TDOT Smartway system saves lives, money

TDOT Smartway system saves lives, money (Image 1)

The Tennessee Highway Patrol says their Smartway system saves lives and taxpayer money.

They system, which they have used since 2003, gives real time traffic information to four stations throughout the state.

Ray Hallavant is the operations coordinator for the center that focuses on Middle Tennessee. He said TDOT used to rely on police or drivers to call in about wrecks, but real time information through hundreds of cameras has changed that operation.

“It’s much more efficient because we can see what’s going on we’re not waiting,” explained Hallavant.

With the Smartway system they are quickly alerted to everything from drivers who run out of gas to debris on the road.

This allows them to act quickly and save money.

“There’s a huge monetary impact when there’s a big back up. We keep roadways open that impacts travel time. Most everybody gets paid by the hour,” said Hallavant.

TDOT says Tennessee was one of the first states to use the Smartway system and now other states are followed suit.

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