Family’s pit bull saves 8-year-old from swarm of bees

Family's pit bull saves 8-year-old from swarm of bees (Image 1)

An Oregon family is calling their pit bull, Hades, a hero after she saved their 8-year-old from a swarm of bees.

According to WLS-TV, Jesse-Cole Shaver was playing in a creek with a group of kids from his apartment complex when one of them stepped on a rotten log.

This unleashed a swarm of bees that had been nesting inside.

They stung Jesse-Cole 20 times, leaving him unable to climb up a nearby hill for safety.

Hades saw what was happening and stepped in to help, despite being stung herself.

“Hades saw me and came and she dragged me up to the grass and then stopped and let me crawl on her back and then took me to mom,” explained Jesse-Cole.

His sister was also stung several times, but managed to get away. The attack could have been fatal for her since she is allergic to bees.

The kids’ mother said doctors were still pulling bees out of her children’s hair even after they arrived to the hospital.

She believes the situation could have been much worse and is thankful Hades was there to help.

WLS-TV contributed to this story.

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