Woman hopes to open Nashville’s first taco ‘bike’

Woman hopes to open Nashville's first taco 'bike' (Image 1)
Woman hopes to open Nashville's first taco 'bike' (Image 1)

A Nashville woman has met her fundraising goal to start a mobile breakfast delivery service.

Cayla Mackey began a Kickstarter campaign for Taco Bike with the objective of serving organic, local and sustainable breakfast tacos from the wheels of her bicycle.

Mackey has already been serving tacos to friends and businesses in Nashville upon request but her aim is to set up weekdays along commuter roads heading in to downtown Nashville.

Taco Bike began its campaign on Kickstarter on Aug. 4 and met the $10,000 goal in less than a month.

Taco Bike will work with local farms and distributors with the hopes to expand her venture into multiple bikes that can reach different sections of town.

The tacos will cost $5 each including salsa and cheese with Taco Bike hoping to add extras later like hash browns, tacos for dogs and organic orange juice.


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